7,8 & 12 Billet

Aluminum billet is a type of aluminum ingot that is one of the semi-finished products of aluminum casting and is often used in the extrusion industry and is produced according to customer orders in a variety of working alloy groups according to the international standard AA and in different diameters.

_Aluminum Billet _
is one of the most widely used semi-finished aluminum casting products, which is mainly used in the aluminum extrusion industry and is produced by continuous casting or DC.

The continuous casting process (DC casting), developed in 1933, is the method used today to produce aluminum extrusion billets. In this method, molten aluminum is poured into round water in a shallow depth. The mold usually has a round cross-section that begins to descend at a controlled rate when the melt begins to solidify in the bottom of the mold (animal) and water is sprayed onto the freshly frozen surface of the billet as it exits the mold.

Types of aluminum billets
1- Imported tickets
2- Standard ticket
3- DC billet
4- Re-melting or conversion billet

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