Industrial and Construction Profiles

Industrial Profiles:

The company has unique facilities such as European automatic extrusion presses and equipped with induction billet heating furnaces, complete and modern laboratory equipment and other peripheral devices; it has the ability to produce various industrial sections of various Aluminium alloys used in different industries, such as automobile, oil and gas and petrochemicals, electricity, medical equipments, home appliances, sports ….

• Car industry
• Electronics and lighting industries
• Road and rail transport industries
• Industrial and construction equipments
• Sports equipment industry
• Refinery and petrochemical industries
• Home appliances and heating systems and .......
• Medical equipment industries

Building Profiles:

By using the modern facilities and equipment, this company is able to produce various types of building profiles. In addition to producing all common sections that are used in the building industry, by using the best design and construction methods, MAHED Aluminium Co is able to produce special profiles of double glazed, simple, thermal break, and building exterior systems and ….
Thermal break, louver, lamella, frameless, and, …