Casting and Alloying

Casting and Alloying (DC)

The casting unit of this company, is done by use of update casting machines and using a variety of ingots and raw materials, with the highest quality and in accordance with international standards.
This company have two 10ton Aluminium melting DC furnaces, at present, that it is able to produce 6 to 12 inchs of Aluminium billets up to 6 meters l in length, which it can meet a wide range of needs country industries, for Aluminium billets hn extruding and turning parts and components.

MAHED Aluminium Co. has the ability to melt and prepare all kinds of Aluminium alloys in 1000 to 7000 group.

MAHED Aluminium Co. is the manufacturer of Aluminium ingots and billets, needed by different industries of the country. This company is a supplier of many major industries.