Alloy Ingots and Billets

Alloy Ingots and Billets

The MAHED Aluminium Co., With its advanced facilities of melting, casting and alloying and a well-equipped laboratory, has the ability to produce various types of Aluminium ingots and billets, various alloys,in accordance with the international standards.

•Types of alloy billets from 6 to 12 inches in different alloys
•Types of alloy and pure ingots

Alloy Sections

The MAHED Aluminium Co owning European automatic extrusion presses,equipped with induction billet preheating furnaces, proper solution and ageingheat treatment furnaces and cold treatment facilities, has ability to produce and carrying out heat and cold treatment of various Aluminium sections and profiles in group of 1000 to 7000, in accordance with theinternational standards, for various industries.

• Bars and rebars
• Straps
• Hexagon and hexagonal
• Tubes
• Specific sections